Visit a Rehearsal

Since 1984, men of any age in the Hunterdon County area have been able to enjoy a special "night out," singing with the Hunterdon Harmonizers.  Because of the pandemic, we have switched to a "night in" approach until it is safe to  again meet in person and sing our hearts out.  We are now singing safely in two ways:

1.   We are meeting every other Tuesday night on ZOOM to sing, learn, and laugh.  Any person who wants to sit in and enjoy a fun night with the Hunterdon Harmonizers is welcome to dial in.  We usually post the music we are using, so no preparation is needed for our sing-alongs.  Rehearsals start with a brief warmup, and we spend the night singing old and new songs and having a good time doing it.  If you just want to watch and listen, that is wonderful - we LOVE having an audience.  Bring a friend and have a reallly unique night out.  For ZOOM time and the dial-in info, just call

2.  We have also been meeting every other Saturday for a unique "Hot Rods and Harmony" rehearsal.  Here's how it works:   If you would like to give this unique approach to safe-real-time singing from your vehicle, give us a call at and we'll give you the details of when and where we are meeting next.  Our 2020 virtual holiday show is being recorded using this musical technology.

3.  When it finally becomes safe to sing indoors together, we will resume regular Tuesday night practices, but at a new location: NORTHLANDZ,  at 495 US-202 in Flemington NJ.  They have a marvelous rehearsal space, and have invited us to be their "artists in residence."  When the COVID shackles are released, we will run wild in this new home with open rehearsals and special performances.  We strongly suggest that you look in on our ZOOM and Drive-in rehearsals so you can "hit the boards" at full speed when we go live!