Flag Day Concert in Flemington

4:00pm, Sat, Jun 10 2017

  • Event Details
  • Type of event: Performance
    Duration: 2 hours
    Venue: Flemington park (gazebo behind old courthouse). Details tbd
    Description: Harmonizers -

    A stellar day is on tap for tomorrow's FLAG DAY Performance with the WWS (Whitehouse Wind Symphony)!

    Reminder that we will:
    1. Meet up at 2:55pm for WARM-UP, behind Lee Roth's office at 91 Main St., Flemington.  Please do not be tardy, as we have a lot to cover in 45 minutes' prep.
    2. Wear Black pants/shoes, Blue HH shirt, and Patriotic Tie
    3. Sing/Perform at 4:00pm until 4:30pm.
    4. Stay (if ya can!) to hear the WWS play, right after we sing.  You may want to bring a lawn chair.

    Our 28-min program remains:

    SSB will either be our regular 4-part, or in UNISON with the WWS.  We will decide at the venue.

    When we WALK OVER to the venue at 3:45pm, each man will carry his FLAG, so as to be ready to perform "Cohan Medley" immediately after SSB.  We will collect the flags at the end of that song.

    Reminder for special narrators to bring their scripts.  I will have "Ragged Flag" for Kyle.

    See you either TONIGHT (at the SING-OFF), or tomorrow for FLAG DAY!!!