8/6 Summer Singout at Somerset Patriots Stadium (midi)

3:30pm, Sun, Aug 6 2017

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  • Type of event: Performance
    Venue: TD Park
    1 Patriots Park, Bridgewater NJ
    Description: HHs -

    Well, if you're like me, you've been singing the SPIDER-MAN ditty all week long! 
    This (very easy chart) is an optional piece for this Sunday's baseball game, to help "Spidey" visit with the kids (and dads) at the Patriots game. I envision a small ensemble of HHs accompanying Spider-Man for a few minutes.  If you missed rehearsal last Tues, then you can view the chart here. UNDER A SEPARATE Send of this msg; I'll also attaching the midi file so you can hear the full arrangement (Looks like this website allows just one attachment at a time). By all means, if you intend to participate, check out the vintage clip from the 1967 cartoon at: https://youtu.be/SUtziaZlDeE

    Please email or text me if you intend to learn this short (FUN!!) piece for Sunday. I need to be sure we have parts coverage. You can memorize if you'd like, but if not, please be VERY familiar with the arrangement ahead of time. We will meet for a few minutes on Sunday afternoon (I'll be at the stadium at 3:25pm) to review.

    Our main focuses (in order of priority) on Sunday are:
    1.). Perform the SSB for the crowd
    2). Perform a 20-min b'shop show ahead of the game, as the crowd gathers
    3). Mingle with our fellow barbershoppers from MMM and JXH
    4). Recruit new singers to barbershopping (any of the 3 chapters, depending on where fellas live)
    5). Help promote the HHs by helping out Spider-Man!

    DRESS:  Red HH golf shirt; beige/tan shorts; sneakers (or any comfortable shoes)

    For the Patriots baseball game, we'll choose from among the following songs (maybe all):
    1).  Star-Spangled Banner (of course!)
    2). God Bless America (drum intro)
    3). Top of the World
    4). Country Roads
    5). Daydream
    6). Coney Island Baby
    7). Superhero bit

    Informally (on the concourse), we will also be gathering to attract a crowd (and hopefully some singers); for this activity, we'll use our usual rep songs: Good/Wonderful Day; Railroad, Shenandoah, Paper Moon, LION, and the like).

    Even if you didn't think you could attend the ballgame, but now CAN, please come to the ballpark!!

    See you there!

    PS - LOOKING AHEAD to Next Tues, we will have several VISITORS from the Ridge HS Select Choir, who are curious about barbershop harmony.  Please be on-hand to great these young men.