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    Support the Harmonizers- Join Our Movement to Inspire
The Harmonizers are about much more than just putting on great musical performances. Our mission as a chorus is to:

Engage in community activities and events, giving back through our music,

hare our love of singing with all who have similar interests, and

erform musical favorites in the four-part a cappella style; entertaining audiences big and small.

Come join our movement to impact the lives of people of all ages, and from every background, to sing and make the world better, one song—one life—at a time. 

What we do

You may be familiar with the Harmonizers through our major performances, such as our annual holiday show or appearance in the Hunterdon County “Music under the Stars” concert series; but did you know that:

Each year we run a six-week free singing lessons program that is open to all men and women in our commuity.  We have over one hundred people in our community realize their dream of being a better singer – many having never sung in public before, and all gaining the confidence in their singing voice. 

ur holiday show is a partnership with the Hunterdon Central Regional High School pit orchestra, offering them a great performance opportunity and contribution to their scholarship fund. 

ur chorus and ensembles perform well over 100 times a year in our community. Most often for free.  The Harmonizers’ contribute over 10,000 hours showing our deep devotion to our community in so many ways, such as…
    • bringing cheer to those in hospitals and care facilities,
    • honoring our Marine Corp servicemen and women at the annual Marine Corps Ball,
    • inspiring our newest doctors and pharmacists at the Hunterdon Medical Center graduation ceremony, and
    • sharing harmony at community events such as our annual Craft Fair in Flemington, “Victorian Days” in Belvidere and “Dickens Days” in Clinton.
Your Contribution Matters!
Your gift — in any amount — makes it possible for people to hear our voices. In turn, our voices amplify the value of your gift many times over, helping to create a world that is more understanding, more compassionate, and filled with more music. Each contributor helps us reach our aspirations and for that, we are truly grateful.

Since 1984, with the help of our generous friends, we have continued to change hearts and minds through the power of music.

Contribute Now
Thank you for your support...we appreciate your gift!  Finding the funds to fulfill our mission is a challenge.  Your contribution to the Hunterdon Harmonizers supports the extraordinary work of the chorus as we enrich lives of all ages. Because the Hunterdon Harmonizers are a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation, your gifts are tax deductible in the year of the gift.