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  • Safely Sing with the Hunterdon Harmonizers
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Apr 13 2021
    Safely Sing with the Hunterdon Harmonizers 
    The Hunterdon Harmonizers Men's Barbershop Chorus is meeting every Tuesday night at the Flemington Presbyterian Church, 10 East Main Street in Flemington NJ.  We meet at 7:30 for music and fellowship and welcome new friends of every background, regardless of race or religion, and will seek to accommodate any physical limitations.  Our primary question will be "what part would you like to sing?"  Learning materials will be available to get you started with us!  We observe all current COVID guidelines.  Feel free to check in with us when conditions are changing at 908-806-NOTE.

    The Hunterdon Harmonizers Barbershop Chorus is an a cappella singing group based in Flemington, performing traditional and contemporary music. They have performed annually at countless veteran’s events, community celebrations and school-based programs and have provided entertainment for many deserving charitable causes.  Participation in the Hunterdon County Division of Parks and Recreations “Music Under the Stars” and the presentation of an annual show have been highlights of the Harmonizers’ performing year, although caroling at the Hunterdon Medical Center and other retirement communities were the most fulfilling gift of all.

    For additional information, visit the Hunterdon Harmonizers web site at and contact us at  There is no obligation, other than to have a good time singing with folks who love to make music.  Please call 908-806 NOTE at any time if you want more information – we want to hear from you, and hope to sing with you soon!

    The Hunterdon Harmonizers are a 501 (c)(3) organization, funded in part by a grant from the Hunterdon County Cultural and Heritage Commission, a partner of the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.
  • 2021 Valentines Flyer
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Feb 10 2021
    Hunterdon Harmonizers providing virtual singing Valentines. Learn how to order. 
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Dec 17 2020
    This year has been full of unexpected, wonderful surprises for the Hunterdon Harmonizers – and opportunities.  While the world faced uncertainty, stress and concern, the chorus in northern-central New Jersey pressed forward with an innovative way to keep singing – the drive in rehearsal we call “Hot Rods and Harmony”.  And then HH's leadership spread word about it through seminars and social media.

    In our very first webinar we met a remarkable person – Dr. Gillian Velmer.  Turns out she is a catalyst in creating an avenue for people living with aphasia to sing in a loving, nurturing and warm environment.   In Sing Aphasia’s words, aphasia is “a communication disorder that results from brain injury in the left hemisphere in the brain.”  The simple act of singing together connects people living with aphasia in a community and provides countless therapeutic benefits.  Sing Aphasia in on the cusp of great international growth even during a pandemic!

    Dr. Velmer was intrigued and impressed with the Hot Rods and Harmony presentation but struggled with the technical and financial investment it would take for her to bring the concept to her in-person Sing Aphasia gatherings, the ones that used to happen before the pandemic took hold.  So we asked, “where in the world are you, maybe we can connect you with another group to collaborate.”  “Bridgewater, New Jersey” she replied.  A mere ten minutes or so from the parking lot where Somerset Hills Harmony was innovating the drive in rehearsals in partnership with the Hunterdon Harmonizers.  It was a no-brainer – Sing Aphasia was invited to rehearse in the parking lot using the equipment and technical team that SHH and the Harmonizers use, free of charge.

    Of all the things that SHH and the Hunterdon Harmonizers appeared to lose in the early days of the pandemic, outreach to our community was a hard one to accept.  There would be no concerts, no performances for people in need of some harmony in their life, no fundraisers for deserving groups.  The simple email from Dr. Velmer changed all of that and opened a brilliant new way of sharing harmony with people that thrive on singing as a core element of their being.  This newfound partnership will certainly outlast the pandemic and these three singing organizations will continue to find new ways to share in the joy and healing power of music, no matter what the world has in store.  Music and harmony will prevail over all obstacles.

    Sing Aphasia recently shared a video of heartfelt thanks for the gesture of outreach – it was all of the appreciation anyone could hope for.  Hearing the voices and seeing the faces of the Sing Aphasia choir fills our hearts to overflowing.  Please enjoy this video, as well as their amazing international collaboration “What a Wonderful World” and please share the message of Sing Aphasia’s mission to connect people with aphasia in a wonderful world of singing.

    Watch Sing Aphasia’s “Just Sing A Song” video of thanks here:

    Watch the AMAZING “What a Wonderful World” video here:

    Learn more about the Hunterdon Harmonizers:

    Learn more about Sing Aphasia:

    YouTube Video URL:
  • 2020 Christmas Show - Press Release
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Dec 17 2020
    For immediate release - Open this NOW, but not our "GIFT" until Christmas Eve!
  • 2020 Christmas Show
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Nov 12 2020
    2020 Christmas Show
    COVID-19 ain't holdin the Hunterdon Harmonizers down!. Our traditional Christmas Show will go on!   Kind of...
    You may not be able to see us in person but you can see our singing and our zany brand of comedy. To learn more click the link.
  • 2019 Christmas Show
  •  Date Posted: Sat, Dec 14 2019

    The Hunterdon Harmonizers presented an original musical adventure fun for kids and adults alike! Shows were at 3pm and 7pm on Saturday, December 14, 2019 at Hunterdon Central Regional High School.

    IThe holiday cheer didn't end there! The show continued with a concert of holiday favorites,, featuring the brilliant new chorus Somerset Hills Harmony, the Hunterdon Central Red Devils Orchestra and, of course, the Hunterdon Harmonizers! As a finishing touch all were invited to join the performers on stage in a massive chorus for the singing of Handel's "Hallelujah Chorus" from the Messiah - with a full orchestra!  Many graduates of our "Ready-Set-Sing" programs participated, and we hope to see and hear them again for the 2020 Holiday Show.

  • Deer Path Park 2019
  •  Date Posted: Thu, Aug 1 2019
    The Hunterdon Harmonizers were proud to once again be a part of “Music Under the Stars,” sponsored by the Hunterdon County Division of Parks and Recreation. Our theme for 2019 was “It’s a Wonderful World,” and our selections included some sunny Broadway hits in our unique four-part a cappella style, a few swing numbers, some old standards, and several stirring patriotic songs. As a special treat, we featured a fantastic group of young singers, TRUE VOICE PROJECT, which is a non-profit choir for high school students and young adults, focused on creative musical collaboration. During our patriotic set, we had the honor of bringing two World War II veterans onto the stage and then capping the show with all present singing “God Bless America.” Our music and our audience participation is the heart that drives our Barbershop Society Theme song “Keep the Whole World Singing.” To get a taste of our excitement, just stop by 2 Stangl Road any Tuesday night at 7:45, and meet some Harmonizers… and feel the electricity! Give us a call at 908-806-NOTE
  • Director Reckenbeil - 30 years of service
  •  Date Posted: Fri, Oct 12 2018
    Donald Reckenbeil, the musical director of the Hunterdon Harmonizers, was recognized at the recent Mid-Atlantic District Convention in Reading, PA. for 30 years of service as a front-line director in the Barbershop Harmony Society. Twenty years of his service has been spent as the director of the Harmonizers. Don was recognized in front of the Harmonizers on Tuesday, October 10, in our rehearsal hall at Stangl Stage. In the photo (left-to-right) are Rusty Williams (President and assistant), Don Reckenbeil (director), Christian Hunter (Immediate Past President and District Representative), and Mark Bentley (assistant). The Harmonizers are currently preparing for participation in the Flemington "Music in the Schools" program on March 19 at Reading-Fleming Intermediate School. We are also getting ready for our upcoming Barbershop Society Competition and Convention, which will be held in Allentown, Pa. on April 26 & 27. This will kick off our 2019 calendar of events, which will include the Flemington and White House Memorial Day Parades, the July 4 celebration in Lebanon, and our annual "Music Under the Stars" concert on August 1 at Deer Path Park.
  • Let's Sit Together - community project - please read
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Apr 18 2018
    Christian picked up signals for this project about a month ago, and now it's here.  I think his comment was "Wouldn't it be neat if the Harmonizers had their own chair!."

    Let's paint a Barbershop Chair (see attachment)!.  Do we have any members who "want to play?"  It would be great if we could come up with an eye-catching design and have it accepted.  We could retreat to red and white stripes witn notes superimposed, but i feel our collecdtive creative crania can do better than that..  Our first need is for a design, and my workshop is available if the creator needs a painting studio.. If anyone is interested, please let me know and let's designate a chair-man...                                              rusty
    Art Chairs Sign Up
    Let's Sit Together, Flemington, is an exciting and unique new public art project sponsored by the Flemington Community Partnership. This community-based public art exhibit, set to open Summer 2018, will invite visitors, residents, friends and neighbors to sit together on original, hand-painted Adirondack chairs and benches that will be strategically placed throughout Flemington Borough.

    Approximately 30+ professional and amateur artists will be invited to hand paint and embellish the chairs into one-of-a-kind, beautiful works for all to enjoy on a year-round basis. Individual businesses will also be commissioning additional chairs as supplies permit.

    If you'd like to create a design for a chair, please fill out the form below. Professional artists will be given a stipend of $200. Community organizations will donate their time. All supplies, including chair, paint and paint supplies, will be provided by the FCP (there are no monetary costs for signing up and painting a chair).

    The chairs will be delivered for painting fully assembled in early to mid June. Please fill this form out only if you are available during that time to paint your chair. Designs for chairs will accepted until May 15th. We will also need volunteers for this community project and would love your help.

  • Show made the Front Page of the Hunterdon Democrat
  •  Date Posted: Wed, Dec 27 2017
    In case you missed this, we made the front page of the Hunterdon Democrat the week after the show!!  A great closeout to a great Harmonizer year!
  • Hickory Tree Show, November 18
  •  Date Posted: Mon, Nov 6 2017
    Hickory Tree Chorus will present our 2017 annual show, 'Barbershop Breakout,' on Saturday, Nov 18 at 3:00 pm.

    With a wide selection of custom repertoire and talented guest ensembles, this show promises to be exceptional! We are especially excited about our featured guests, newly-crowned 2018 International Quartet Champions,
    Lustre. This outstanding foursome not only won the most coveted award by SAI quartets, but they were also recognized in that same contest as '2018 Audience Favorite.'

    Ticket sales are going well, so if you're interested, order your tickets asap, best done through our website at
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