Harmony Foundation International

Singing Changes Lives

Harmony Foundation International (HFI) believes in the transformative power of singing. Raising your voice in song as an individual provides many physical and emotional benefits with regular practice and exercise and has been linked to medical therapies and healing. Even alone, singing stirs your spirit and heals emotion. Those who experience the joy of singing do better in school, their jobs, and family and social relationships. Harmony Foundation donors financially enable programs that share, nurture and perpetuate the love of singing, particularly in a group. Blending your voice with others deepens the experience to a much more intimate level. The act of human beings singing together breaks down barriers including economic, racial, cultural and gender demographic differences that may have otherwise hindered interaction. 

 Our mission is to connect people through charitable giving to enrich lives through singing.


As proud ambassadors for philanthropy, we link those who desire to be financial catalysts for singing programs directly to the impact partners providing programs that enrich lives through singing. We present facts and stories about the physical and emotional benefits singing does for individuals and their families, especially when harmonies are created within singing communities. By use of multiple mediums of communication, including personal visits to singing communities all across the country, we boast about programs that make true differences in the lives of participants and then solicit financial support to perpetuate singing for generations to come. 


Harmony Foundation supports sharing the gift of singing as an extraordinary means of self-expression and self-actualization, making lives more enjoyable, satisfying, meaningful and purposeful. Even in times of dire circumstances in someone’s life, singing can help provide strength, hope and inspiration to persevere. Our goal is to be the most powerful influencer of singing in the entire world with hopes to grow stronger communities. 


With the investments made by gracious donors, we are able to provide grant funding for singing education programs to students in middle school, high school, and college, as well as outreach programs throughout the country that promote, develop and advance opportunities for lifelong singing to people of all ages.