Riley Boyce participating in American Music Abroad

Type of post: Chorus news item
Status: Current
Date Posted: Tue, Feb 28 2017
American Music Abroad is a cultural performance tour of western Europe for high school and college aged musicians. Students are carefully selected on the basis of recommendations from their school directors. The focus of the student tours is trifold: musical, cultural and educational.  
In the view of American Music Abroad, music is indeed an “international language”. It is our mission to provide opportunities for musical exchange fostering better understanding and friendship. American Music Abroad encourages groups to feature a repertoire that represents the diverse culture of America. Tours have received warm receptions and outstanding reviews at concerts in some of Europe’s finest halls and cathedrals. The numerous cultural and educational experiences built into each tour range from folkloric evenings to visits to castles and World War II concentration camps.

Riley has the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program.  It is self-funded so your support is requested to help him experience this awesome growth experience.  Further information is available in the attached support request, as are the ways you can use to help get him there (and back again).
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